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Savvy's bar
This is a drawing I did for my bestie, Savvy. Seventeen years of friendship and I still love ya, sis!
As of this morning, my baby sister, Ciarra pittman, is no longer with us.
Team Ciarra
This is another drawing i did for my baby sister, who has just lost her battle with cancer.

A little back story on Ciarra:
She was 17 years old and before the cancer she was a straight A student. She was a star player on our high school's volleyball, basketball, and track teams. She also balanced this with a part time job and a rich social life.

These, plus the fact that she was my sister, are the reasons it's so hard to face the reality of the situation. It angers me that someone who strived to do everything right and had so much potential can be cut down so early by an uncontrollable disease.

No matter where you are, Ciarra, I want you to know that you.
For A Princess
My sister is battling cancer and i honestly wish it hadn't come to this, but it's been confirmed that there's nothing left for the doctors to do. I've decided that i want to get a tattoo to honor her memory and her fight and this is the design i created for it. However, i can't afford it and so i've set up a gofundme page. If you feel like it, drop by and see if you'd like to help out.
So, I'm part of this group called Embassy and there's a strip club in it. I design and give life to the girls working there.

This is Bubblegum, the first of the strippers and most experienced. She is pansexual and for the right price she does anything that doesn't involve gore or waste.

Each girl has a theme, and Bubblegum's is "farm girl". She can be paid extra to wear something different, however.
I need feminism because I don't want any girl to grow up like I did. I wanted to play football, but "that's for boys and you'll just cry every time you get hurt." I want to be an animator but I kid you not I grew up being told I'd have better luck becoming a nurse and I know so many women who thought this was pretty much their only option too. I was told by someone who I use to see as an older brother that "it's a woman't job to take care of the house and the kids and the man should be the one making the money." then when i explained that I refuse to live that way I was told "that's because your mother didn't raise you right."

I need feminism because Instead of hearing "What are you doing? you belong in the kitchen." I want to hear. "I cooked dinner last night it's your turn."

I don't want feminism because I want to be above men. I want men and women, boys and girls, to all be equal because life is about mutuality and compromise and I don't think anyone should feel like they're above or below another human being.

..... And I kinda also think new fathers should be allowed paternal leave because maybe they want to be there for their babies too.


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Amelia Pittman
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